A little bit about our Guest House
and our philosophy
     Ever since we opened our bed and breakfast, we have been committed to provide an excellent service, always thinking about our guests comfort, economy and security.  We, the Oliveros Family, started our guest house in guatemala city, more than 7 years ago, as one of the first Bed and Breakfast in the airport area, wich quickly turned into a life style for us.  Our Bed and Breakfast was specially designed for travelers looking for a place to stay, at affordable prices with all the basic services for accommodation, and a little more, and so we have evolved on the hotel business, offering more solutions to backpackers, students, travelers, tourists and even business men, that while they are visiting our beautiful country, need a nice place to stay without having to compromise their economy.
Our philosophy is and will always be, to serve our guest, in all their needs.  That philosophy has proven to work, thus 7 years later, we keep growing more and more, always dedicated towards our commitment, and always thinking and innovating on what the modern traveler need, and never forgetting where we started.  
Our Bed and Breakfast is located at 2  minutes from the International Airport La Aurora.

Phone: (502) 2261-4251
Mobile: (502) 5402-3256
Adress: 19 calle (street) 10-65 zona 13 Aurora 2

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