In House Policies
recommendations upon your arrival
In house policies

  • Partying in guest sleeping rooms is not allowed.
  • Loud noise in guest rooms is prohibited.
  • Rowdy behavior in the hotel in a manner that disturbs other guests is not allowed.
  • No loud noise is allowed afer 10 pm. 
  • The use of computer and tv is allowed until 11 pm.
  • Defacing or vandalizing Hotel property is prohibited.
  • Smoking is allowed only on designated areas outside the rooms.


  1. Breakfast is served from 7 am untill 10 am.
  2. Computer / Internet services fee is 2 USD for 30 minutes of use
  3. Wireless Internet access is available, unlimited access.
  4. One Transportation from or to the airport is included per stay



  1. In order to keep our prices low, help us by saving water when showering.
  2. Always check the room for your belongings  before you check out.


Very important information for your Arrival

Plese read very carefuly


     Regardless on the way you made your reservation, phone, email, website, travel agency or Spanish school, your reservation must be reconfirmed at least 24 hours before arrival.

The airport shuttle is available for guests arriving, the driver is at
the airport exit door holding a sign of Patricias Bed and Breakfast with your name one it, look for him where the other hotel shuttles are located. We appreciate you let us know if there is a flight delay or lost luggage situation. We keep track of the exact arrival time of your flight, our pick up personnel will be at the airport exit 25 minutes after the plane lands. If you come out before the 25 minutes, you can call us from the information desk of INGUAT (Tourist Assist)

Our  check in time starts 3:00 p.m., if you are planning to come earlier let us know, that way, we can try to have your room ready, no guarantees are given, and will depend on occupancy and availability. Our check out time is at 12:00 am.,  late check out, could be granted based on occupancy and availability, late check out fee may apply.

Patricias Bed and Breakfast is specially designed for one night travelers, and provide the essential services during your stay, please check on the Hotel Services section for further information, if a special service is needed, please send us your request in advanced.